PAZZI Creatori di Gusto

The Food Robolution made in France

The PAZZI project was conceived by two young French engineers, Sébastien Roverso and Cyrill Hamon. They intend to revolutionize fast food by creating PAZZI, the first fully autonomous restaurant equipped with pizzaiolo robots cooking in front of customers!

PAZZI is a turnkey “fast good food” concept offering pizza, alongside drinks, desserts, and salads. Several formats – such as the seated mode, the takeaway, the food court, and eventually, the drive-in – will be available under franchise or license agreements from 2019 onwards. The first restaurant should open at the end of 2018.

Fast food is dead, long live Tech Good Food!

Thanks to its innovative technology, PAZZI offers its customers an enhanced dining experience: higher quality ingredients, optimal service time, ultra-personalized service, and guaranteed entertainment ( show cooking ) and a potential 24/7 opening time.

As Philippe Goldman, CEO of EKIM, explains:

“ Cose da pazzi means ‘it’s completely mad’ in Italian. This was my initial reaction when I discovered the project in the summer of 2016. PAZZI represents a huge technological challenge: optimizing the total production process of a pizza (order, preparation, baking, and delivery) within a 45m2 area, customizing each order, adding a show cooking dimension, all of this at a reasonable investment cost. These are the challenges we faced during the four-year research and development phase. Yet this project would not make sense had we not included the search for ingredients of the highest quality. The objective is to become a major player in the fast food industry by offering customers a new dining experience, combined with high-quality sourced ingredients. The food robolution is around the corner. Sono pazzi questi francesi! ”

The PAZZI experience: Show cooking and over 500,000 combinations of available recipes.

PAZZI offers customers the possibility to create and customize their pizza in countless ways. There are over 500,000 combinations of available recipes, at any time of the day. It gives customers an optimal view of the entire preparation process of the pizza and offers the promise of a guaranteed service time for the first time in the restaurant industry. PAZZI is also a unique visual experience: show cooking .

Customers can see the robots prepare their orders with elegantly developed movements. Finally, PAZZI will be potentially opened 24/7, with pizzas ready in record time: 30 seconds! PAZZI constitutes an optimal food service solution in high traffic flow areas (such as train stations, airports, large boulevards, shopping centers, department stores, or campuses).

Pizzaiolo robots vs. junk food

Chef Thierry Graffagnino, the triple World champion of pizza, has been working on

the project since 2017, bringing his own signature dough and pizza recipes.

Locally produced, the fresh dough is stone-baked. The high-quality ingredients come from Italy and France: flour from the Moulins Familiaux mills, organic vegetables, PDO cheeses, clean label ham, and ethically caught fish sourced from sustainable fisheries.