Our story

It all began in August 2012.

In the beginning, it was just us: Sébastien and Cyrill, the two founders.
After setting-up our first workshop in the family garage in Lagny sur Marne (77), we sketched-out our first ideas.
We then drew 3D models of the machine and proceeded to run our initial trials, coming and going from the kitchen to the garage and… vice versa!

2013, we’re finally out of the garage

At the beginning of 2013, our partner Sysaxes supplies to us a UR robot arm (thank you Erik and Eric). The robot makes its first movements!
Faustine joins the teams, bringing her food expertise.

At the end of 2013, during the winter, we finally move in real offices in Montévrain (5mn from Disneyland). A practical location, close to the homes of most members of our team.

Unpacking our robots. It’s Christmas already!

2014, we get help

We complete the first full-size model, which includes 2 new robotic arms (still supplied to us by Sysaxes).

We need money. Our first investors – our relatives – help us with €300,000 (many thanks to Stéphane and his associates in 2013, followed by Lucette, Marlène, Hugues, Olivier, and Kevin).

2015, at the heart of R&D

We’re still working as hard as ever in the workshop. The subject is, after all, very complicated!

We benefit from the French Research Tax Credit, allowing us to obtain 3 patents on our systems in February 2018: a great reward after all this time spent in R&D!

A picture of the team in 2016. Victor is missing!

2016, the full team is constituted

Early 2016, the team expands with the arrival of Didier, Victor, and Yvan. Didier, the D.I.Y master, comes straight from Lyon; Victor, who is returning from Canada where he is completing his engineering degree, is in charge of the automatisms; and Yvan, crosses the Geneva border to take care of all our computerized systems.
We also meet our first industrial partners to begin manufacturing the machine.

The view from Philippe’s apartment in Hong Kong. It’s a good thing he came home.

At the end of 2016, we bump into Philippe, just back from Hong Kong. He will become our boss in 2017. Most of all, we meet with Bpifrance (French Public Investment Bank) who will give us a big helping hand, financially speaking.

We immerse potential customers in our project, to better understand their relationship to dining and robotics. We host exciting workshops, led by InProcess, the Design Thinking pros.

2017, everything happens quickly

Early 2017, we meet Thierry Graffagnino, our Chef (in the kitchen). It’s complicated at first: our dough doesn’t match his requirements, so he makes us redo the entire dough-making process.

Since he won the world title three times, we listen.

Picture taken on the day we signed our first €1 million fundraising, with our investors and our lawyer.

In September 2017, the dough recipe is finally ready. Its taste exceeds our expectations!


The first ingredient suppliers join our adventure.

The first machines are delivered. There is still a lot of tweaking to do!

Picture taken on the day we signed our first €1 million fundraising, with our investors and our lawyer.

The first institutional investors, Partech and daphni, join us and take our project to the next level.

Early 2018, epilogue of the first part

We are working like crazy on our PAZZI branding with LORD agency, and on our future working space with Label Experience. All teams are extremely excited about our project.

In one month, Yvan develops the content of the control terminal loaned to us by Acrelec, leader in the field of phygital screens (we are integrated in their start up program).

The machines have almost all arrived…

… and we’re making the final adjustments.

May 24t h 2018

We finally unveil our project at VivaTech, Paris.