Our mission

We prepare for our customers high-quality pizzas, 24/7, with healthy and natural ingredients sourced in France and Italy. And of course, all our pizzas are cooked on the spot!

We are also creating a whole new dining experience: the first fast food chain to integrate a Robot Chef, offering customers total control over the creation of their pizza and the tracking of their order.

This is what Tech Good Food is all about.


It all began out of a simple observation from the two founders of EKIM, Cyrill and Sébastien: fast food is often disappointing. It offers bad ingredients and provides little information about them in the meals served, the service is often slower than expected, customers have very limited options to change the menu, and opening hours are not adapted to the new rhythms of work: all of which is causing constant dissatisfaction.

Cyrill and Sébastien, engineers in electronics and robotics, tried to come up with a solution. What if technology could solve all these problems, and allow us to:

  • −  Return to the basics: the real taste of food
  • −  Eat good, healthy and ethically-sourced food
  • −  Customize the product according to one’s desires
  • −  Experiment, share, create.

When did the project begin?

During the summer of 2012, Sébastien and Cyrill, freshly graduated, began sketching out the first robot models.

At the end of 2013, EKIM was born, and at the end of 2017, we created PAZZI, the food service brand.

What does PAZZI mean?

It is the plural masculine of pazzo in Italian, which means MAD. Being a Pazzo can refer to being mad, in pain, in love, joyful, careless, excessive, extravagant, but also unpredictable (it feels weird to relate these feelings to a robot, doesn’t it?).

In Italy, it is often said that a pizzaiolo is a pazzo , when he simply does whatever he feels like.

It’s also what people say when they see our pizzaiolo robot at work: “it’s completely mad!”.

And Pazzi is the perfect anagram of pizza !

What menu do you offer?

We offer almost unlimited pizza recipes, drinks, desserts and, by 2019, salads. Only the pizzas are made by our robots.

Who creates your pizza recipes?

First of all, our Chef, Thierry Graffagnino, triple World Champion of pizza. And secondly, our customers who, thanks to the MYOP app (Make My Own Pizza) can design their own pizza, from a white dough, and share it on social networks. PAZZI is at the service of customers’ creativity, offering more than 500,000 possible combinations.

What type of ingredients do you offer in your pizzas?

We spent a lot of time (18 months) and energy finding the tastiest ingredients, and the best possible agricultural chain.
Our ingredients are mainly sourced in Italy and France. They are 100% natural, they contain no chemical preservatives or pesticides, and are of course GMO-free.

These ingredients are sourced in collaboration with our Chef.
– Our tomato sauce is harvested in Emilia Romagna from agricultural cooperatives 50 km from the Cirio production site,
− Our vegetables, fresh and frozen 1 hour after harvest, are organic and come from

– Most of our cheeses are PDO cheeses (Bleu d’Auvergne, Saint-Nectaire, etc.). – Our beef is 100% pure muscle and comes from Limousin beef cattle.
– Our pork ham, 100% French, is Clean Label and “Bleu Blanc Cœur” labeled.
– Our fish – tuna, Scottish salmon, and cod – all come from sustainable fishing or farming (M.S.C and A.S.C standards).

What type of pizza do you offer?

We offer Italian style pizzas, i.e. with a thin crust and a maximum of 4 ingredients (excluding base and toppings), because we want to highlight each particular flavor. We offer three types of bases: a fresh tomato sauce made in Italy, a vegetable sauce made from bell peppers, and a white sauce made from a unique recipe.
Finally, we offer up to 8 kinds of toppings (placed by one of the robots on the pizza after baking): from oregano from Ile de France, to acacia honey, including Belém pepper (Brazil), a particularly tasty addition to a pizza.

How is the dough made?

First of all, the dough is made out of an exceptional flour, created by our chef in collaboration with the French mill Les Moulins Familiaux.
The recipe, comprising flour, salt, water, yeast… is kept secret! It was conceived and tested by our chef Thierry Graffagnino during the summer of 2017.
The dough will be made daily and locally by our teams, with a minimum maturation of 48 hours.
The robot then gently proceeds to make individual dough pieces.

How does it work?

As soon as a restaurant opens, customers can order, either on site at the terminal, or via dedicated apps – whether delivery apps or our own PAZZI app. The PAZZI app will allow customers to obtain a skip-the-line ticket, or to book a guaranteed time slot, and most of all: to create their own pizza.

Once the menu has been ordered, customers can see pizza being made in front of them and have a very precise idea of when they will receive their order (down to the minute).
Prices will be as fair as possible: from 7€ to 14€ per pizza depending on its size. Customers will only pay for what’s on their pizza. If they remove or add ingredients, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

What is show cooking ?

From the beginning, we wanted to create an entertaining experience for the public. This is why almost the entire cooking process is visible to the public.

The robots have been designed to move with maximum elegance. For inspiration, we watched countless videos of pizzaiolos spreading the tomato sauce or adding the condiments for example.

Is this about robots or machines?

For the general public, PAZZI consists of our 3 visible robotic arms: collaborative robots (Cobots) from Universal Robots, designed by Esben Østergaard, and particularly adapted to the food industry. They are light, with a large radius and a payload adapted to our needs. They are supplied to us by the company Sysaxes based in the Doubs area in France.

But for us, our robots represent so much more: our robots are incredible machines, integrating mechatronics under extreme conditions, like our oven for example. They were designed in France (in Rennes, Clermont-Ferrand, or in Ile-de-France) by determined and highly-skilled manufacturers, specialized in metal fabrication, machining, electronics, automatism, data processing, and robotics.

We are part of the French Fab.

What happens next?

The next step is to open a restaurant in Paris or Ile-de-France. Our aim is to share this adventure, and especially our pizzas, with our future customers. Our target date is the end of 2018.
Starting from 2019, PAZZI will be available in either Click & Collect or seated dining format and can be opened 24/7. We will also open our brand and concept to franchising or licensing.

Beyond that, we will be ready to go international. In the meantime, we will have recruited many talents in different professions (food sourcing, engineering, marketing…).