EKIM launches the fooding of the future
with the first robot chef!

Our pizzaiolo robots prepare for our future customers a high-quality pizza 24/7, with healthy and natural ingredients, sourced in France and Italy. And all this is of course cooked on the spot, on request, and in front of the customers!

Our Story

Designed by Ekim

the food “robolution” made in France!

Conceptualized by two young French engineers, Sébastien Roverso and Cyrill Hamon, EKIM aims to revolutionize the world of food tech by creating PAZZI, the first fully autonomous restaurant with pizzaiolo robots cooking before the customer’s eyes!

Marketed by EKIM, PAZZI is a turnkey “tech good food” concept offering pizza (alongside drinks, desserts, and salads). Several formats – such as the seated mode, the takeaway, the food court, and eventually, the drive-in – will be available under franchise or license agreements from 2019 onwards. The first location should be opened by end of 2018.

Discover PAZZI

PAZZI opening

First and foremost, we champion the taste and quality of the ingredients that make up our recipes.

And because tomato sauce is one of the major ingredients in our pizzas, we have chosen fleshy and juicy tomatoes that are 100% Italian. Matured in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, they are transformed just a few kilometers away. Everything is done on the spot! And our tomatoes are not grown in boring greenhouses: they are grown outdoors, to the rhythm of the seasons.

Sourced from GMO-free and preservative-free ingredients, our sauce is the fruit of ethical farming, respecting the Italian soil and tradition. This is why we have chosen, CIRIO, a company that respects an ethical charter alongside more than 14,500 farmers in the country.

As for the recipe, its simplicity makes its quality. Created by our chef, Thierry Graffagnino, our sauce blends tomatoes, onions, basil, and oregano: nothing else!

Our goal is to make the best pizza in the world (yes, you heard right!), with healthy and natural ingredients.

The flour we use is 100% natural, it is milled from French wheat and manufactured by Les Moulins Familiaux mills, a family business, established for the past 4 generations in the heart of the Vexin regional park and in the Pays de Bray.

We will not unveil the secret of this extraordinary flour, but what we can tell you is that it already won two world cups with Thierry!

And since the producer we chose shares our own values, we couldn’t be happier! Les Moulins Familiaux is a company committed to sustainable development, guaranteed by an environmental, ethical, and social approach.

All of these little things add up to give your pizza its unique flavour! In pizza veritas.


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